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    Understand the parameters of a LOAD

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a file we get from a customer with sales_calculations. That has two sheets which are meant to be appended.

      Unfortunately, from one month to the next, the nr. of header_lines in that file can vary - in one month, it's 2, the next it's 3.

      So I have to adapt my script from one time to the next.

      I'd like to flexibilize that - but to do that, I'd have to understand it first.

      I know the parameter I have to flexibilize for the header - that would be easily possible using a variable.

      <=> On one of those two sheets, the first numeric value that I need is in line 3, on the other it is in line 4 ;-)

      I load the one from the sheet where it is in line 4 - but mysteriously, the LOAD works fine with a parameter of 2 (verified by an ISNUM() function right afterwards that checks whether I have the right value - right above it is a text. There is nothing else in the LOAD to remove lines.


      How can that be?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,