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    Join tables but not duplicate data..

    Neil Deeley



      Apologies if the title of this question doesn't make sense - I don't know how to describe it!


      I have two tables. Table A shows a list of sites, a Month, and a budget for that month:


      My PlaceJan1000
      My PlaceFeb2000
      My SiteJan1000


      The budget shows the total sum that site is allowed to spend.


      I need to join this in Sense to Table B, which shows what actually has been spent, by item:


      My PlaceGloves30.00
      My SiteShoes


      I've tried joining the two tables using every join method I can think of, but when I do the Budget column is duplicated, and therefore the total sum of that budget is incorrect in the app:


      My PlaceJanGloves301000
      My PlaceJanShoes401000
      My PlaceJanGloves201000



      How do I join the tables so that the Amount is Totalled by the Budget is shown only once?


      Hope that makes Sense!