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    Qlik Sense custom property on Dimension or Measure

    Alan Green

      Are there any examples out there which show how to sue custom properties in a Qlik Sense Extension for eitehr a measure or dimension.


      For example I would like a toggle on each measure - On or off and then be able to read the setting for each measure.


      I have been able to create the toggle in the accordion and set it, but I do not know how to read the value.

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          Stefan Walther



          I am not 100% sure if I get your requirements correctly - I assume that your other post (Custom property in Qlik Sense extension) is related to the same requirement, right?


          So what exactly are you trying to achieve?




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              Alan Green

              Hi Stefan


              Yes it is related to my other post as well.


              I have started to create an extension which is a heatmap table.(Similar to conditional formatting in Excel)


              I have created an extension which applies the condition to all measures. I am trying to make this more customisable for each measure.


              For example I want to be able to set each measures "Colour using Heatmap" to on or off. If On I then want to set the value of maximum.


              I have added the following code :

              measures : {

                                                                                              uses : "measures",

                                                                                              min : 0,


                                                                                              items: {

                                                                                              MySwitchProp: {

                                                                                                              type: "boolean",

                                                                                                              component: "switch",

                                                                                                              label: "Colour using Heatmap",

                                                                                                              ref: "MySwitchProp",

                                                                                                              options: [{

                                                                                                                              value: true,

                                                                                                                              label: "On"



                                                                                                                              value: false,

                                                                                                                              label: "Off"


                                                                                                              defaultValue: false


                                                                                              MyNumProp: {

                                                                                                              type: "number",

                                                                                                              label: "Maximum",

                                                                                                              ref: "myproperties.max",

                                                                                                              defaultValue: "10.5",

                                                                                                              show : function(data) {

                                                                                                                                              return data.MySwitchProp;







              Using the above I can now set the maximum for each measure through the accordion.


              I am now trying to see how I capture the values.


              I am trying to see the values for each measure of MySwitchProp and MyNumProp. Does this get returned to the layout object?


              If so how is this done and where can I view the results?









              I have found that myproperties are stored in qHyperCubDef. What is the best way to read this and get the values?