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    Export Qlikview Container to Excel

      Hi everybody,


      I have a question regarding the Export (via XL-Button).

      I want to Export all Sheets of a Container with 5 Diagrams (Report) to Excel into separate Sheets in Excel.


      Now it is only possible to Export one sheet into Excel and when I Export all 5 Sheets (5 Excel-Files will open).

      The Problem is, when I copy all into one file, then the Background colours and Format Change?


      So the question is, how can I realise to Export a whole Container with all of its Content into one file with separate sheets?



      Solution in Excel:



      I tried nearly everything I could Imaging but it does not work.

      And I am not an IT-guy, so I cant write a code. Sorry.


      Any help is very welcome.


      Thanks in advance.