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    Pull seconds out of timestamp, use in functions



      Got a small issue here.  I have a data set with two timestamps, and in my script I'm pulling the interval between them and storing it in a column.  That interval is in 'ss' timestamp format, becuase I only want seconds:


      Interval(AcceptTimestamp - CreateTimestamp, 'ss') as [Answer Time],


      This gives me a column with only the second intervals, that I can them sum.


      Only when I try to run AVG function like this:


      =Avg([Answer Time])


      to grab the average interval in whole seconds


      Its grabbing the number number format (since qlikview stores date in two formats the string and the internal number)

      and averaging off that , instead of the whole ss number I'm storing.  If your familiar with how qlikview stores timestamps you'll understand that, lol


      does anyone know how to use avg function on units of time pulled off a datestamp?  Should I store the seconds as integers?