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    Query Projects/Libraries/Repository Expressor

    Ricardo gerhard

      Is there a way to make query or manipulate data directly in the Qlikview Expressor Repository?

      The issue:I need to know what projects were created in the Repository and what Libraries exists.

      Because user have full access to repository, they can create objects unnecessary or that need to removed once.


      gno mto

        • Re: Query Projects/Libraries/Repository Expressor

          Expressor is a SVN client and repository actions are really a function of the underlying source control system.  If you want to see what projects there are, you can look at the list shown in Checkout Projects.  If you need to see what is in the project, you would have to check it out so you can see the projects and libraries contained.


          There is an article posted on the site that explains about a way to administrate project access more granularly.  I have used this on our system so we have users who can checkout and update workspaces, but not commit changes.  And, of course users who have full access.  Not sure if that will help you manage artifacts.