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    Is there the need to aggregate data in a table?

    Minh-Tri Truong

      Hello All,


      I would like some advise about designing my cube.


      I have a table with all the invoice lines. One invoice can spread on multiple lines (for example 2 products, 1 discount, 1 delivery fees, so a total of 4 lines here)


      Facts table :

      - OrderNumber

      - Line type

      - Amount


      Now I need some basic information like

      - number of orders

      - average basket


      My question is :  Is it easier to work directly on this table only (for example with a count(distinct()), or is it better to create a table that will aggregate the data? For example :


      Aggr Data :



         1 as OrderecordCount,


      from Facts

      group by OrderNumber


      Thank you in advance,