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    Conditional Dimension will not appear on web view of app

      We are on version 11.


      We have an issue where have conditional dimensions and expressions that are shown in a pivot table based on a condition on whether the item is selected in a list box next to it.  The user can tick a checkmark on items in a dimension list and expressions list.  On the desktop version of the QVW, the conditionals all work correctly.


      On the web version (ajax) one of the dimensions does not work.  When you tick the dimension in the list box, it does not appear with the web version.  On the desktop version it reacts as you would expect (shows up as the top dimension in the pivot table) The dimension is the first dimension in the list and first dimension in the pivot table.  I have 5 other dimensions that are all conditional and all 5 work.  It's just this one.


      Has anyone else seen this behavior?