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    New field conditional on two variables

    Espen Lutken

      Hi all,


      I am working a creating a new field that is conditional on two variables. There are the following fields:

      1) Invoice (INVOICE)

      2) Debit/Credit Indicator (DEB_CRED) - has two values, H or S

      3) Line Item Number (LINE_NUM)

      4) Document Type (DOC_TYPE)


      What I need is a new Debit Credit Indicator where I change some of the values. In each invoice there are a number of lines with various DEB_CRED depending on what is relevant. For this new field that I need, I generally need the DEB_CRED of the first LINE_NUM to be transferred to all other lines on that INVOICE. So if line 5 says H but line 1 says S, then I want line 5 in the new field to follow line 1 and say S. However, to complicate matters I have one particular DOC_TYPE where I don't want my new field to change any values, but remain as in the original field. Let's call this DOC_TYPE  "KA".


      I am guessing that I need a load statement with some sort of IF expression, but am open to other suggestions. Something along the lines of:

      IF DOC_TYPE = KA

      THEN NEW_FIELD_NAME_DEB_CRED_2,                  (if not)

      DEB_CRED should display same value as LINE_NUM 1.


      Or maybe a Load where

      DEB_CRED as DEB_CRED_2 where DOC_TYPE = KA and IF DOC_TYPE <> KA, then fill in same value as LINE_NUM 1 for all remaining values.


      Can someone help me with scripting this?