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    Text Objects with rank info not working as expected.

    Peterjohn Griffiths

      I am trying to display rank information on restricted application installs in text objects instead of a straight table.

      Each box needs to display the next ranked item.

      I have the following sort of working.


      ='Rank3: '

      &only(if(aggr(Rank(sum(ApplicationRestricted)), ApplicationName)=3, ApplicationName))

      &' '&only(if(aggr(Rank(sum(ApplicationRestricted)), ApplicationName)=3, Aggr(sum(ApplicationRestricted), ApplicationName)))


      This would output something like

      • Rank1: Dropbox 104
      • Rank2: Evernote 87
      • Rank3: Box Sync 7




      The problem I am having is when it gets down to items with the same amount, in my case, items with just 1 install each, the script stops working and outputs nothing.

      I was expecting the other text objects to still display like the following but instead they are blank.

      • Rank4: Transmission 1
      • Rank5: BitTorrent 1



      I am wanting to display each item in descending order, much like I would with a straight table but using Text Objects to display the data.

      Anyone got any idea how to fix this or on a different approach?.


      Many thanks.