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    Wildmatch on dates in two fields

    Simon Brulotte


      if a date selected in the field [Date_calcul] exists in all of the values in [Date calcul] I'd like a 'Yay'.


      Here a re my miserably failing attempts as of now

      (and yes both dates exists in the form 2015-07-13 00:00:00)


      =if(wildmatch5([Date calcul],only([Date_calcul])),'yay','nay')





      =if(wildmatch5([Date calcul],'*$(=only([Date_calcul]))*'),'yay','nay')






      =if(wildmatch5(concat(distinct [Date calcul],'|'),'*$(=only([Date_calcul]))*'),'yay','nay')


      Gives me 'yay'

      figured it out before pressing Post, but I figured I'd share for common knowledge