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    Responsive QlikSense Bar Chart

    Bill Markham

      I have QlikSense Bar Chart that shows a measure bar for each of last 15 days.


      When the display shrunk down to iPhone size, it responsively rejigs itself and only shows some of the bars with a slider underneath to scroll left and right across he bars. 


      This all fine, but is it possible for the default of the bars to be shown to be the right hand bars and not the left hand bars, as it would be more sensible for the default to always how the most recent days ?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Bill,


          Sorting comes to mind here. Can you sort by date - change to descending?


          Like this:


          7-17-2015 1-53-01 PM.png



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          Mike Tarallo


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              Bill Markham

              I have tried sorting the dates descending, but that just does not seem natural as dates are elsewhere invariably displayed starting on the left and going to the right.


              Also every other graph we have against dates goes left to right and I doubt the uses will ever accept it.


              What I have done is reduce the number of date bars to 7 so it all fits neatly on an iPhone without the slider bar being needed.  This works fine for the iPhone but somewhat negates the multi device responsive design ethos.

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                  Andy Weir

                  Could you use the footnote or subtitle of the chart to provide the users some additional context as to how to use the chart to negate this issue?


                  e.g. Sorted by most recent orders first.

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                      Bill Markham

                      Could have an explanatory footnote, but I doubt the users will ever accept it

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                          Andy Weir

                          When responsive frameworks like bootstrap first came out I always thought there was a gap in functionality in regards the data itself.


                          Just because you can alter the control to fit better on the screen does not mean you will have a useable report or chart as the data itself becomes unreadable/unusable.


                          Perhaps a way to break out the charts dimensions, measures, presentation made visible on a users view port might be an interesting feature to investigate.


                          E.g. design a mobile version data set, tablet version dataset and a PC version data set.  Or have the complete set with option to hide on certain viewports.