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    How to average hours between a start and end date?

    Ryan Minaker

      I'm wondering if anyone can help me with creating a chart that will show hours averaged over the duration of a start and end date?


      I understand the basics of the master calendar and have created this. I've also been able to calculate the business days/hours between the start date and end date. My problem is that I can't figure out how to average the estimated hours across a span of months and get the months to show up on the chart.


      I've been reading though a lot of the community posts and perhaps IntervalMatch is what I need to use, but not sure how to get that to work.




      Source data:


      7/1/201511/30/2015500Project ABill
      8/1/201509/30/2015300Project BBob


      What I'd like my chart to look like: