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    Send 2 separate selections to same user?

      I need to send the same report twice to a user, but with different selections.


      Use case:


      We send out an overview of overdue invoices to sales people, each recipient has it's own filter "Salesperson Name" to only get the customers that they manage. Now I need to send out this report to one of the salespeople where "Salesperson Name" is cleared. I.e. the second task would ultimately clear this field and lock it (since recipient filters override task filters).


      The issue here is that it doesn't seem possible to do this without creating a copy of the recipient with a separate filter. If I set the task filter to "lock" and "clear selections", the recipient filter still kicks in.


      How can I accomplish this?





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          Aran Nathanson



          It depends on what you're trying to accomplish.


          For instance, if you're trying to send a report to all salespeople to show their territories only and then send the same report to all salespeople with all the data, then the following will work:


          1. Create report and salespeople as you have already done
          2. Clone report
          3. For each chart in the report, apply a filter which uses the "clear selections" parameter for all the dimensions you don't want to filter (see: How to Apply a Specific Filter to Tables or Images).

          Add both reports to the Task.



          If instead, there is only one salesperson to whom you want to send both a filtered and unfiltered version of the report then as you noted the easiest way to accomplish this is to create a "second" salesperson with all the same delivery details but different filtering details.