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    Qlik Sense Variables

    Kalyan Navuluri

      Hi All,


      I'm very much new to Sense, Here are my doubts


      How to create and use variable like this


      We have a variable in qlikview like (Created in Variable Overview)


      Let vTodayto60Days = OrdDate = {">=$(vPast60)<=$(vToday)"}, OrdMonth = , OrdYear = , OrdQTR =


      and then we use this variable in other calculations like


      Sum($(vTodayto30Days) Total_Ord)


      Now i want same setup in qlik sense how can we do this


      I tried many thing to get this work, but i failed .


      Can any one suggest how to do this?

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          Sunny Talwar

          Would you be able to share a sample?

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              Bill Markham

              You will need to create the variable in the QlikSense load script.


              The variable definition in your post look incomplete though.  Is this a typo or what you are actually trying to use ?


                   Let vTodayto60Days = OrdDate = {">=$(vPast60)<=$(vToday)"}, OrdMonth = , OrdYear = , OrdQTR =

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                  Kalyan Navuluri

                  Hi Bill,


                  My mistake there was a typo in my final expression.


                  Actually what I'm trying to do is just passing expression text to variable , so that later i can evaluate that text as expression in qlikview.


                  Here what i want is if i evaluate vTodayto60Days like $(vTodayto60Days) it must show the expression text  like this

                  OrdDate = {">=$(vPast60)<=$(vToday)"}, OrdMonth = , OrdYear = , OrdQTR =

                  without evaluating.


                  As i mention earlier them my final expression

                  Sum({<$(vTodayto30Days)>} Total_Ord)


                  will be like this


                  Sum({<OrdDate = {">=$(vPast60)<=$(vToday)"}, OrdMonth = , OrdYear = , OrdQTR = >}Total_Ord)


                  in simple words if i create variable in script like


                  Let or Set vVariable = 'Some Text'


                  how can i get vVariable value 'Some Text' as it is in UI?


                  One more thing i didn't select any answer as correct, but somehow Bill answer select as correct one any idea?

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                      Michael Tarallo

                      Hi KN, I marked it, (from time to time, when responding in the community I will do so) I will un-mark and allow you to do so. I felt that was the most direct answer, and then provided you with an example that you can mark as HELPFUL if you wish.


                      Let us know how you do.




                      Mike T


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                    Kalyan Navuluri

                    Hi stalwar1


                    Thanks for looking into it, i need some time to prepare the example (Out of office)

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                    Michael Tarallo

                    Hi K N,


                    Bill is correct, at the moment all variables are set in the load script in the data load editor. I created a simple example for you. Also see screen shots:


                    Variable in editor:


                    LET v2015Sales = 'Sum({1<Year={2015}>}Sales)';

                    Variable used in expressions: =$(v2015Sales)




                    Please mark the appropriate replies as CORRECT / HELPFUL so our team and other members know that your question(s) has been answered to your satisfaction.



                    Mike Tarallo


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                        Kalyan Navuluri

                        Hi Michael,


                        For simpler expressions i am able to do like you said, but what i'm trying is bit different.


                        Lets take your example


                        I declare a variable like this using SET or LET


                        let v2015Sales = 'Year={2015}';


                        So in  your final expression i would like to use this variable like this way


                        =Sum({1<$(v2015Sales)>}Sales) i just replaced Year={2015}' with $(v2015Sales)


                        I am able to do this Qlikview but not in sense.


                        I hope you got some understanding on what i am trying to do.

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                        Alexander Karlsson

                        Open up the data load editor and press Ctrl + 0 + 0 (zeroes) and it will insert the load script at the cursor position.