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    Display challenge

    Friedrich Hofmann


      I have the following display requirement:
      - I have a diagram which is supposed to show YOY changes (2015 vs. 2014) in four different categories
      => So I have two dimensions, right?
      - >Category< and
      - >Year<
      So far, that is fine.


      I already have another chart which shows the total of these four categories for the two years
      => There is only one category >Year< here
      => In addition to the two columns, I show a line representing the positive change - a line going down horizontally from 2014 to 2015.


      => Now I would like to show the same line (from 2014 to 2015) in the other chart, but of course for every category indiidually
           => there should be four individual lines.

      By fixing the >category< dimension in a set_analysis, I can have four individual lines, but those are not horizontal, but rather vertical.

      So there should be one line for every value in the >category< dimension and it should respect the <Year< dimension - I guess I need the
      TOTAL qualifier for that to disregard one of the two dimensions, but how to do it?

      Thanks a lot!
      Best regards,