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    kml data formats

    Chris Cammers

      Hello everybody,


      I'm a pretty experienced QlikView developer so this is more of a general question about KML data which is somewhat new to me.


      I aquired a "kml" data file from Google Fusion Tables but the download is formatted as a csv, qlik Sense does not recognize is as a KML format at all which is logical since it does not have the typical xml type of layout.


      Could somebody describe for me the requirements and field contents I need to make this data into recognizable area data. for example there is some "header" data in the geometry field and I am having a hard time importing this data into sense in a way that works to show it on the map. There are tags within the geometry data that seem to be delimiting several shapes within the same geographic entity, probably things like islands in the Alaskan islands make this data very complex.


      Thanks for your thoughts



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          Patrik Lundblad

          Hi Chris,


          In this case I think the easiest solution is to go to that website, then click the visualize tab on the top and choose map. Then a link on the top will appear where you can download the KML file instead of the CSV.


          In regards to formats Qlik Sense reads KML files, but the actual storage of the data is using a derivative of GeoJSON. So you could take that csv file and do a search and replace of the xml tags with brackets.


          Best regards,