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    Line Chart - Divide Values for all Dates by a Value from ONE Date



      I am trying to create an indices within a line chart by dividing the values at all dates by a value from a particular date.


      I was thinking this would be easy. I tried:


      (Avg( MyValue) / Avg({1<MyDateField={"SpecificDateString"}> MyValue)*100


      This equation is plotted across a chart with MyDateField as the dimension.


      The equation works fine at the point of the SpecificDateString (eg "2009-01-09") however no other values plot on the chart. I assume this is because the chart MyDateField dimension is being selected by the measure expression to the SpecificDateString point and so no other values show.


      How can I make the values show for all the dates while being divided by the value from the specific date?


      Thank you in advance for any help. This has been a real sticking point for me!