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    QlikView Pivot Table Expand/Collapse

    Gabriele Alchieri

      hi, i am new at QV and is my first post here.

      i need to know if is possible to automatize collapsing and expanding of column in pivot table (the same to right click on the top of table and click on "expand all" or "collapse all".)


      if i select level 3 of 7 the level under that should be collapse (i should see the button)  and if i click on one of that should working as normal pivot table.

      i need to have all level (i mean that i can't hide column as the value of a variable)


      thanks in advance

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          Anil Kumar



          Try this Macro:

          1. Sub ShowHideExpression() 
          2.   SET chartObj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01"
          3.   SET chartProp= chartObj.GetProperties 
          5.   SET expr = chartProp.Expressions.Item(1).Item(0).Data.ExpressionData 
          6.   expr.Enable = False // Hides First expression 
          8.   SET expr = chartProp.Expressions.Item(2).Item(0).Data.ExpressionData 
          9.   expr.Enable = True // Displays Second expression 
          10. End Sub 



          Hope it helps!!

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              Gabriele Alchieri

              i found this code but doesn't work.. (i am new and i have problem to adapt)
              anyhow i understand that the code is for show or hide Expression... i need something to collapse or espande Dimension of pivot table.

              if you can write the reference of the instruction to understand i thank you so much, i like to learn something new.



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              Prashant Baste



              If you have button / text box for "3-7 Level", you can set action to run Macro with Macro Name - "ExpandAll".

              Try below macro -


              Sub ExpandAll


              End Sub


              Function CollapseExpandPivot (objectID)

              Set chart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(objectID)

                      set ch=chart.GetProperties

                      If ch.TableProperties.PivotAlwaysFullyExpanded =false then


                              chart.SetProperties ch



                              chart.SetProperties ch

                      End If

              End Function



              Hoe this will resolve your issue.




              Prashant P Baste