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    Set Analysis... Help with this Multiple Condition please!

      I'va a table with these dimensions:



      2)Descrizione Articolo


      I've created two different expressions that calculate sales (vfatturatoAc)  and quantity (qfatturatoAC) for each client (cliente) and for specific category of product (N°Conto):


      Sales: =Only({<[N° Conto]={"0501001*"}>}VFatturatoAC)

      Quantity: =Only({<[N° Conto]={"0501001*"}>}QFatturatoAC)



      My question is how can i calculate how many spare parts ([N° Conto]={"0501001*",0501002*"}) has bought those client who bought at least One of this product ([N° Conto]={"0501001*"}).


      Hope to be enough clear.