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    link filters

    Xavier HEMELAAR

      Dear Community,


      I have two tables (Excel) that I have loaded in Qlik Sense. I'm trying to find a way to link 2 filters.For example I have two dimensions "Type1" (first table) and "Type2" (sencond table) and the values can be A, B, C, etc...


      I want that when the user select in "Type1", "A", that automaticaly in "Type2" the filter is set to "A". But I can not make "Type" as a key between the 2 tables because i already have one. And I want to do the same for each column in my 2 files, so that makes a lot of keys!


      Basicaly in my chart I want: Count(if([Type2]='A',[ID]))  only that "A" can change depending on what is selected in "Type1". And this doesn't work: Count(if([Type2]=[Type1],[ID])) because it is then counting everything all the time no matter the filter I set in "Type1".


      I hope it's more or less clear.


      Best regards