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    Filter not working properly for a percentage of calculation

    Tony Chen



      I am trying to create a bar graph that shows only email type responses and percentages for each score.


      Type = format (paper or email)

      BVQ2 = Score of 1 through 5


      IF(Type='email',IF(BVQ2<>'',Count(BVQ2)/Count(TOTAL BVQ2)))


      This formula works when I have the filter set on email, but the graph changes when I click on paper. I've tried a set analysis, but the percentage of calculations were not working properly:


      IF(BVQ2<>'', COUNT({<Type={"email"}>} BVQ2)/  Count( {<Type={"email"}>} Total BVQ2 ))


      Also, when I click on the  "show null values" box, it still shows null values.