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    Turning Column values into rows


      I am having some real difficulty coming up with a solution to my problem.

      I have an excel file that is the results from a survey of a ton of locations.

      The Headers look like this: Location ,      Question 1,      Question 2,      Question 3

      with the values like this:     Location 1,      answer 1,         answer 2,        answer 3

                                              Location 2,          etc,                etc,                    etc

      I want to switch it so that it instead looks like this:


      Headers: Location     Question        Answer
                    Location1     Question1      Answer1
                    Location1     Question2     Answer2
                    Location1     Question3     Answer3



      No matter what I try to think of, nothing comes to mind.

      I tried Inline but I cannot insert the answers into it from my table.

      I dont know if this is possible but if it is, help is greatly appreciated!