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    Data reduction for multiple fields in Qlik Sense

      After searching for some time on how to solve this problem I am stumped. I'm using section access in Qlik Sense to reduce fields by a management region in a report. E.g. "N. AMERICA", "SINGAPORE", "EUROPE"


      This works wonderfully for most of my reports using section access. However due to some exceptions certain rows must be visible to these individuals based on a geographic region. Some sites are geographically in one region but managed by another, ie. a Singapore site is managed by North America.

      There are two fields, M_Region and G_Region and I'd like to constrain just a few individuals by the second field, the rest by the first


      Here's what I have so far:


      section access;

      LOAD * inline [


      USER, HQ\ADMIN, *,

      USER, HQ\bob, *,

      USER, HQ\frank, "TAIWAN",

      USER, HQ\joe, "EUROPE",

      USER, HQ\mary, "N. AMERICA",

      USER, HQ\kevin, "SEA",

      USER. HQ\jason, "TAIWAN",

      USER, HQ\brandon, "CHINA",

      USER, HQ\charles, "KOREA",

      USER, HQ\edgar, "JAPAN",



      section Application;


           "M_Region" as M_REGION,



      Is it possible to selectively reduce fields? One for M_Region and another for G_Region?


      Something like (M_REGION OR G_REGION)?


      I know if I do another field after like: M_REGION, G_REGION it will omit the field entirely.

      I also attempted to create a separate section access field with no results