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    Bar Chart on iPhone 4s

    Bill Markham



      I am working on a QlikSense qvf to primarily be used on iPhone 4s.  But cannot get a simple Bar Chart to display sensibly


      Ideally to display like this :



      It would be acceptable to compromise the Title



      But to be meaningful it must have :

      • Trend Line
      • Labels for Day's 14 to 21
      • Show all 7 bars with no slider beneath them



      My sample qvf is attached.  It auto generates its own data and so can be reloaded.


      I am testing it on the Qlik Cloud, which does not permit extensions, and am using the latest QlikSense


      The problem is that on the iPhone 4s, the responsive design either hides the Day labels or does show all 7 bars with out a slider bar.



      Any pointers would be gratefully received.