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    Section Access

    janardhan reddy

      Hi Friends ,


      I need to implement section access like user level , example script i used in the application

      Section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [

          ACCESS, USERID




      Section Application;


      And what are the steps i need to taken care in qliksense server.


      Briefly can anyone explain.


      Thanks in Advance


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          Steve Borwell

          Hi Janardhan


          I have got this working in QlikView. I don't have QlikSense so I think the theory is still the same.

          I actually store my section access information in an Excel file and load that into the QV Document.


          My spreadsheet looks a little like this:




          and the scripting looks like this:



          SECTION Access;
          LOAD NTNAME,
          ooxml, embedded labels, table is security);

          SECTION Application;


          This only allows users in my spreadsheet to see the report and access it. Hope this helps.



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            Steve Borwell

            Hi Janardhan


            Sorry just look at your post again. I think I misunderstood your question. In QlikView I didn't need to make any changes to the QVServer everything is taken care of in the script and spreadsheet.