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    Connection problem from outside the server to Qlik Sense Hub 2.0

    Angel Gallego Galán

      Hello Qlik Community,


      I am having some troubles when trying to connect to Qlik Sense (2.0) from an external computer. I have configured the Qlik Sense Hub and Qlik Management Console in a server, and from this server I can open and browse between my apps. But when I try to connect to this server (by typing the url https://myServerIP/hub/my/work in my web browser), it returns an authentication error. It does not even request a username and pass, it just fails. It looks like this system is trying to connect using the windows authentication.


      Do I have to create a new user and give any permissions or security rules so I can use it to access my system?


      I have also tried to create a user in the QMC. If I got it right, I have to create a User Directory Connection and the system will retrieve the information of the users included in it. I tried to create a UDC with the type "ODBC" to connect with a SQL Server Database, I configured properly my connection string (it does not give any connection error), but it says "Error when validating tables: One or more of the expected tables are not present". I really made sure the two tables exist, but it seems it cannot recognize them.


      I do not know if there is any configuration guide or any documentation apart from Installation Guide and Managing a Qlik Sense Site guide (which I have already checked) where I can search for more information...


      Please if you need more details about anything, just tell me and I will answer as soon as possible.


      Thank you,


      Best regards,


      Ángel Gallego