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    Bizarre Section Access behavior, users get Access is denied.

      I've configured Section Access in my document to restrict data on the REGION field.

      However, if any of the REGION field values specified in my Section Access for any USER do not exist, the document will say, "Access is denied to this QlikView document" whenever I try to login as a user.

      If I specify only existing REGION field values, I can login as a user, but no matter which user I choose I initially get the data restricted to one of the other users. A reload solves the problem.

      If I add new users/admins to the Section Access, they are not recognized until I remove Section Access, save and re-open the file, and then put section access back in.

      See the attached document for this strange behavior. Look in the script for notes on how to make the behavior appear. Admin userid/password is ralph/ralph.

      I am using QlikView 10 SR1. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!