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    Condition for picture objects

      Hi everyone!

      I have a condition in objects which stops working if there is no data. Is it possible to fix it?

      There are indicators in my QV document which are calculated and represented per month (in dynamics). At the same time for each indicator there is a separate index which is estimated only for the current month:


      For each index there is an arrow identifying is it higher, lower or at the same level as in previous month. Condition for an arrow that represents growth is the following:

      len(MONTH) <> 1 and avg({<MONTH={"$(=max(MONTH))"}>}Field)-avg({<MONTH={"$(=max(MONTH,2))"}>}Field)>=1


      If there is no data in any month, my condition stops working and an arrow is represented despite that (despite there is no data that should be compared).

      How condition should be fixed to make it working properly?

      Many thanks in advance!