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    Source Document and User Document Name from publisher.

    MAhesh CJ


      I was trying to understand the publisher logs. Henceforth, I went through QVPR analyzer and Governance Dashboard. I still havent found one particular information. I see that for various distribution types the Source Document Name and User Document name will keep changing.

      If your Source Document Name is 'XYZ.qvw'

        your Task Name can be 'Test' and

        your NameTemplate can be %TestXYZ% ( need not be always %SourceDocument%)

      When I distribute the above Task it creates a file in User Document 'TestXYZ.qvw''


      Now the problem, In which log can I associate Source Document Name to User Document Name. ?

      ie : XYZ.qvw in Source to TestXYZ.qvw in User Document ?


      If I have to see how many documents are being accessed by users Vs the number of documents published for Reduction document and Loop&Reduced documents I can find.




      Mahesh Jayachandran