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    Dynamic Distribution Document Details

    MAhesh CJ



      I have several document which are dynamically distributed. But Governance dashboard doesn't give any information as to whom the document is distributed.



      TaskName                      = TestingXYZ

      Source Document Name  = XYZ.qvw

      NameTemplate                = %SourceDocumentName%_%DocumentField,UserName%

      DocumentField Values     =  'ABC', 'BCD', 'CDE'


      when I distribute the above Task the below documents gets distributed to AuthUsers.. 





      When the Users access the above documents in Access point, the information is written in Session logs with below document details.

      XYZ_ABC.qvw, XYZ_BCD.qvw, XYZ_CDE.qvw


      Now Question, how can I relate the above mentioned User documents to the Publisher Details like Source DocumentName / Task Name. ?

      Same is the case with Static Reduction documents also.


      I'm also trying to look for how many documents a user has access to Versus how many times he has accessed them in one single view.


      Kindly help..



      Mahesh Jayachandran