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    Access Denied, The server has no user CAL for your account .

    chinna katiki

      Dear Gurus,

      We are using Qlikview 11.2



      we are having 10 Named CALs and 25 Document CALs.

      I have added 10 users(whom I want to give Named CALs) under system-->licenses->Qliviewserver-->Assigned CALs.


      I have checked Allow License leasing and Dynamic CAL assignment. We are using DMS authorization. Using custom auhentication.


      Issue: 9 users are able to lease lincese in their desktop . Except one user.


      WHile trying to lease the lincense he is is getting error as "Access Denied. the server has no user CAL for your account"


      But this user is able to login access point with the same ID and I can see the Last Used (UTC) as showing the login time to Access Point.


      Also under general tab of Linceses, I can see "Named User CALs: 10 assigned (10 in license)"


      Now I'm trying to understand,


      1.why that user is not able to lease lincese.?

      2. If some one else already leased available lincese, whey I can see only 10 users whome I added(along with this user) under assigned CALs

      3. How I can differentiate which user is using Named CAL and which user is using Document CAL

      4. How I can force a particular user to use Named CAL?

      Please help me to understand and let me know if you need any info.


      Many thanks in advance .....

      Best Regards,