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    Group Table

    Phil Speight



      I have a script which loads from different 4 different data sources.  All of them are for data based on a weekly interval.


      I also have some data which I want to load that is at daily interval, however the load crashes each time. and I don't get a script error. 

      I am sure there is way to load this in, possibly by grouping the table by week (and then linking), but I am not sure. 


      My table currently looks like below :


      Staff_Number,  DateOfShift, Reason,Hours_Worked, Cost_Of_Shift


      I think I need to group my table so it loads as a group table below:


      Staff Number,  WeekEndDate, Reason, Hours_Worked, Cost_Of_Shift



      If I am on the wrong path, please point me in the right direction, if not can you help with the above.  Can anyone help.


      Any help appreciated.