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    Dimension Vs Expression

    Philipp Schöck

      Hi all,


      I work for a few months with qv, but I noticed that I know the difference between a dimension and an expression not quite clear.


      Is it like a math-functions?

      Each x-value is assigned to exactly one y-value but each y-value can be assigned to any number of x-values?



      So x would be the dimension and y would be the expression?


      It would be really nice if somebody could help me with this.


      I really want to understand and I really want to have a strong basic knowledge.


      Many Thanks

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          Jonathan Dienst

          Not exactly like a maths function.


          Simply put:

          Expressions are the measures or metrics, such as cost, profit, wait-time, etc that you are reporting on or interrogating.

          Dimensions are the attributes you will use to filter and display the measures, such as customer, salesperson, region, product code.

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            Friedrich Hofmann

            Hi Philipp,


            yes, dimensions and expressions are just like you learned in math. You have a dimension along the x-axis (horizontally) and an expression on the y-axis (vertical) - usually. There is an option to turn that around in QlikView so that you can make a barchart (which normally has vertical bars) go horizontally. That way, you can have a chart that has horizontal bars going to the right and to the left off a line in the middle of the screen.


            The usual case, though, is the regular understanding of dimension vs expression.

            For ex., you want to chart "sales volume per sales_person" - so the sales_persons (their names or IDs) will be your dimension and your expression will be sth like the sum of their respective sales figures.