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    % of closure



      I am trying to create a bar chart with Interval as dimension and % of cases closed as line chart.


      Below is sample data.



      Created timeClosed timeTransaction Number
      1:00 PM1:15 PMRaj1
      1:45 PM2:30 PMRaj2
      2:30 PM2:45 PMRaj3
      4:00 PM4:30 PMRaj4
      4:45 PM5:30 PMRaj5
      6:00 PM6:15 PMRaj6
      6:45 PM7:00 PMRaj7
      8:00 PM9:00 PMRaj8
      8:45 PM9:05 PMRaj9
      10:30 PM11:00 PMRaj10
      11:00 PM11:35 PMRaj11
      11:30 PM11:45 PMRaj12


      % of closure is number of transaction closed at an interval basis of closed time  / Number of transactions created in same interval by created time