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    Identifying & applying expressions to each level of a hierarchy

    Kevin Stanfield




      I’ve been trying to figure out a way of adding some logic that allows 3 separate straight tables to be produced each showing what is effectively a level of a hierarchy based on Group name (level 1), Corp Name (level 2) & Account(level 3).


      This is probably easier to explain using an example.


      Group Name                      Corp Name                         Account               Margin


      ABC                                        ABC1                                     1234567                £100


      ABC                                        ABC2                                     2345678                £200


              CBA                                        7654321                £75


               CBA                                        8765432                £75


                                                                                                      9876543                £10




      So the first table would sum margin at Group Name level =£300


      I want the next table to be populated only for customers where in the hierarchy there is no Group Name i.e. CBA sum margin= £150 for them and lastly a 3rd table to be populated with customers who have no Group Name and no Corp Name i.e. their highest level in the hierarchy is Account 9876543 sum margin =£10




      I’m sure there must be an easy way of doing this but after numerous hours banging my head against the wall (& searching qlik community/you tube) I’ve not got it.


      I want all 3 tables to show all the time so this is not a conditional layout issue.


      Please note that I’m self-taught,non-techie QlikView user so if possible keep those answers simple.




      Many thanks in anticipation.