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    Subfield issue

    Vitalii Chupryna

      I try to use following script, but it return issue. Subfield function doesn't work, it seems that string is too long. Did somebody had similar problem. Please advise how you resolve it


      ODBC CONNECT32 TO [Excel Files;DBQ=$(vFile)];


        // Read list of sheets





      LOAD Concat(DISTINCT TABLE_NAME, '|') as Concat,

                Count(DISTINCT TABLE_NAME) as Count

      Resident Temp_Tables;


      LET vConcat = Chr(39) & Peek('Concat') & Chr(39);

      LET vCount = Peek('Count');

      DROP Tables Temp1, Temp_Tables;





        // Get just the file name

        let vFileName = mid(vFile, index(vFile, '\', -1) + 1);


        // Enumerate sheets

        for iSheet = 1 to $(vCount)

        let vSheetName = SubField($(vConcat), '|', $(iSheet));


        let vSheetName = replace(replace(replace(vSheetName, chr(39), ''), chr(36),''),'#','.')



      Script line error:

      let vSheetName = SubField (''BA Detail$'FilterDatabase|'BA Detail$'Print_Titles|'BA Summary$'Print_Titles|'F16 Detail$'|'F16 Detail$'FilterDatabase|'F16 Detail$'Print_Titles|'F16 Summary$'|'F16 Summary$'Print_Titles|'Prior Detail$'FilterDatabase|'Prior Detail$'Print_Titles|'SPIN Data$'FilterDatabase|'Total Recap$'FilterDatabase|'Total Recap$'Print_Area|'Total Recap$'Print_Titles', '|', 1)