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    Using MonthEnd in If Statement

    Cassandra Baqir

      I have a graph (attached) that shows Actuals in a solid line and then turns into a dotted line for Forecasted hours.


      The actuals get posted on the last day of the month so since it is currently July, I would expect to see the solid line end in June. Instead, it's showing through the end of this month. I tried to overcome this by using:


      Dimension: =date(FISCAL_MONTH_YEAR, 'YYYY-MMM')

      Expression:  if(FISCAL_MONTH_YEAR>Monthend(today())+1,sum(FCST_AMT),sum(ACT_AMT))


      Line Style: if([FISCAL_MONTH_YEAR]>today(),'<S3>','<S1>')


      Even though the dotted line is starting in August now, my July date has disappeared. which shouldn't be the case.


      How do I get the current month to display but the dotted line starting from the last month?