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    How two records can link to one value, like a package. Possibly link table?

    Darrin Pilkington

      I have customers that have a plan and features.  If they have just the plan then is is in that package.  If they have a plan and feature then it's in a different package.  This cannot be calculated in the load script as I need to be able to select a date and it shows what the customer had at any time.


      As you can see below, if the customer just has a plan they they are in one package but if they have both a plan and feature they fall into a combined package.


      I am wondering if some sort of link table between the Customer SKUs and the packages but not sure how this would work.


      Notice below how customer starts with plan abc and feature 123 then changes to feature 456 and finally drops feature 456.  At any date selection during those periods I would need to see the Package they had.




      Customer    SKU    Type              StartDt          EndDt

      001              abc    Plan              6/1/2015          7/25/2015

      001              123    Feature          6/1/2015          6/20/2015

      001              456    Feature          6/21/2015        7/15/2015


      002              abc    Plan              5/1/2015          7/10/2015

      003              efg      Plan              4/2/2015          7/23/2015

      003              123    Feature          4/2/2015          7/23/2015



      SKU                Package

      abc                50

      efg                100

      (abc + 123)    Simple 50

      (abc + 456)    Simple 100

      (efg + 123)    Advanced 50


      Thank you very much for your help.