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    reverting the changes made to "Input field"

    Raghavendra Suryakumar

      Hi All,

      We are currently using input fields in a straight line table for calculating the valuation of a company. The various components are like Revenue, Profit before Depreciation and Interest, Profit after tax etc. The users need a input field to change the multiple of these component to arrive at value. The below example will explain the situation

      Component Amount Multiple Value

      Revenue 20000 2 40000

      Profit before dep 8000 3 24000

      Profit after tax 6000 2.5 15000


      The filed "Multiple" is a input field where the user will be able change the mulitple to arrive at a new value. Also, the users need a button to revert the changes made to mulitples to revert back to original multiple of 2, 3, 2.5 for various components.

      Can anyone suggest how to handle this situation.