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    Understanding parameters of a LOAD - header lines

    Friedrich Hofmann



      in one app, I have to load a report we get from a customer where there is a list of data spread across two sheets.

      The issue is, both the names of the sheets and the nr. of header lines were different between the report we got in May and the one we got in June.

      => So I tried to make both into variables with Input_fields - that is an option because I have to run it manually anyway, once a month, whenever we have all the data available.


      That worked fine with the names of the sheets, but I have an issue with the nr. of header_lines:


      Please find attached a small sample that I have taken from that report. I hope that will serve to illustrate the issue:

      - When I look at the two sheets, I see that

           - on one, there are 6 lines above the actual headers

           - on the other, there are 5 lines above the actual headers

      <=> Both LOADs seem to work fine when I set the nr. of header_lines to 5 - when I set it to 5, a field_name isn't found, so I guess that
             this results in the headers being cut off.

      I hope someone can shed some light on this.

      Without fully understanding this, I cannot make the nr. of header_lines into variables.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,




      P.S.: In this example it's even worse - I think one sheet needs to be set to just 3 header_lines - but it serves to illustrate my issue: I don't fully understand the connection between the nr. of lines that I see and the one that I need to set in the QlikView table_wizard.