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    A question about memory

    Kelvin Davis



      We have recently upgraded our VM from 32GB to 128GB and just wondering if our virtual memory needs to be reduced so allow Qlikview to use more server RAM?


      In Task Manager I can see that the server is never using more than 40GB so I'm pretty sure that the server will ever run out of memory with it's current usage. In QVC Statistics > Performance I can see "VMCommitted 16493". So to me this sounds like Qlikview is using 16GB of virtual memory (slow page file memory). Shouldn't it be using the available server RAM? (The available 96GB!)


      Please advise..



      VM Details:

      Windows Server 2012 R2

      Hyper-V VM

      16 virtual processors

      128GB RAM

      Virtual memory automatically managed by OS (currently allocated 20GB)