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    Variables in Set analysis

    Simon Watson

      Good afternoon community,


      I still find it difficult to get variables within set analysis to work.


      I am trying to get sum of sales for prior year, and have set up the variable as such.


      The outcome of the variable is: "15 | 2014"


      I then insert the variable into the below formula, but can't get the syntax right



      The below formula works ok, and gives a result:

      =NUM(SUM({1<%Date_Period={'15 | 2014'}>}Sessions),'###,###.')


      Any help will be greatly appreciated, I've gone round in so many circles!!





      Hi all, I've tried what you suggested, but still stuck - I'm not sure if it is the way that I have written the variable, but I can't pinpoint why it won't work for me. Thank you for your advice so far, Simon