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    Qlik Sense missing font?

    Ron Dunn

      The font used in some Qlik Sense controls renders badly on my computer. Perhaps it needs to be installed, but what font is it?


      The following screen shot shows the problem. It is taken from the Qlik Sense supply chain dashboard demo.


      Qlik Sense Font.png


      You can see the rendering issues on the bar chart labels, and on the scatter chart numbers. The bar chart is worst, particularly when zoomed. The 'f' in Beautiful, and the second 'o' in Chocolates show up particularly badly.

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          Hi Ron,


          I think this may be related to factors such as screen resolution and possibly dots per inch.  If I browse the example on my iPad Mini (1024 * 768 resolution) I have a slightly different layout to using Internet Explorer 11 (1920 * 1080 resolution) though neither has the issue you are experiencing.


          I have attached a snippet from IE to show that it looks okay for me.


          As far as I am aware there is no requirement to install a specific font.


          Kind regards,



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              Ron Dunn

              Rod, thank you for the pointer.


              I tried Firefox in OSX and got a good result. Then I tried IE in Win8.1 and got a good result (like yours).


              Finally, I tried Firefox in Win8.1, my usual browser, and got the result I posted at the start of this thread. Looks like the problem might be with Firefox on Windows.