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    Qliksense doubts


      Is it possible to have ?

      1. Is the versioning of ppt possible in Qliksense?
      2. Is there any functionality in qliksense  as report in qlikview(PDF Generation)?
      3. Is the ppt compatible on all systems? Ie-if I create a ppt using qliksense and then mail it to someone having no qliksense desktop or access to accesspoint will they be able to open the ppt and work on it
      4. Is it possible to have values on data points(Plot values inside segments) eg.bar graph  as in qlikview-
      5. Is it possible to have triggers as in qlikview ?
      6. Does qliksense support macro?
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          Pollyanna Goncalves

          1. I think there is not possible to export a Qlik Sense sheet to ppt. But Sense have what is called "Storytelling" that might be what you need.

          2. In Qlik Sense 2.0 you are able to export any sheet to PDF in the Menu icon

          4. Yes, it is possible. Go to the customizer tab (on the right of the editor view), then go to Appearence->Presentation.

          5. Not sure if this is already possible in Sense.

          6. Don't think so, since Sense has been written in HTML5/Angular javascript. You can try an extension.