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    Login Access Pass problems

      Hi Guys! I am using Qlik Sense server 1.1 The Issue is that yesterday I created a mashup which I wanted to allow anonymous users within our AD to be able to access. It worked fine when I used the login pass rule: user name like value * (for all users). The problem was that when I created this rule the user access users were also recognized as login pass users and since many people were logging in and out it used up all the passes (1 token). This must be because of the anonymous setting. Today I tried adding, AND/OR rules and also adding a new rule to exclude my name but I still get the message that I don’t have an access pass. So the question is how to combine anonymous access for all users in the AD with a couple of user access users without running out of tokens. It only works for me to access the hub after I login at qmc. Is this the only solution for the user access users? I would really appreciate some guidance on this. Thanks!



      Sahir Ahmed