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    qlik sense mac



      I want to install to mac Qlik sense how?

      knowing that the app I already an old pc with windows .qvf extension

      What to do?


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      Je veux installer qlik sense pour mac comment faire ?

      sachant que jai déjà des appli d'un ancien pc windows avec l'extension .qvf

      Que faire?

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          Andy Weir

          Qlik Sense Desktop will not run on a Mac. It will only run on a 64 Bit Windows.


          Operating System

          Windows 7, Windows 8.x


          Intel Core 2 Duo or higher recommended


          4 GB minimum. Depending on data volumes more memory may be required.1

          Disk Space

          500 MB total required to install

          .NET Framework



          Local admin privileges to install

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            Pollyanna Goncalves

            Complementing Andy's answer, what you could do is to install a virtual machine on your Mac OS with a compatible version of Windows and put Qlik Sense on it.

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              Hi nour,


              I would recommend using VMware Fusion.  This allows you to create a Windows virtual machine that will run Qlik Sense.  VMware Fusion offers a free trial so you can test it out.  Best bit for me is that it has a feature called Unity which allows reasonably seamless integration with the OS X interface meaning I can drag Excel files from OS X into Qlk Sense.


              I have a MacBook Pro running this configuration and it is brilliant, performance is similar to my Lenovo ThinkPad.


              Note you will also need a Windows licence key.


              Hope this helps.



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                  Et si j'installe la machine virtuelle j'aurais dans tous les cas besoin d'une licence de windows ?

                  Est -ce que je peux installer sur cette machine une licence craqué?

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                      Hi nour,


                      Microsoft does have trial licences for some versions so you could experiment with this first eg install VMware Fusion and then download a trial Windows ISO from Microsoft and use that to build the virtual machine.


                      Hope this helps.



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                    Michael Tarallo

                    Google Translate:


                    Bonjour Nour , en plus des grandes réponses fournies - vous pouvez être intéressé à essayer Qlik Sense Cloud - qui ne nécessite un navigateur HTML5 . Par conséquent, vous pouvez essayer toutes les capacités Qlik sens sans Windows. Cependant, vous aurez besoin de télécharger vos données à l' Qlik Sense Cloud. il ne supporte que les données du fichier pour le moment.

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                    Qlik Sense Cloud - Create and Share Update (video)


                    Mike T




                    Hello Nour, in addition to the great answers provided - you may be interested in trying Qlik Sense Cloud - which only requires an HTML5 browser. Therefore you can try all of Qlik Sense capabilities without Windows. However, you will need to upload your data to the Qlik Sense Cloud. it only supports file data at the moment.


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                    Mike Tarallo