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    Creating a Calendar based on two inputs?

      Dear QlikViewers,


      My following question is regarding making a calendar based on two values that make a Date. This is the issue:


      The date that I want is generated by two values. MFG_date + due_at. So I can create a listbox with the expression below and it shows the correct Date. (MFG_Date is a Date, due_at is a number. The due_at value is the number of days since MFG_Date.


      However I want to create a MasterCalendar for this Date. Normally I would simply create the master calendar and link it to the table, but now the date is generated from two tables. So I think I cannot do this. WITHOUT joining all these tables. (which I do not want to do)


      My question, is there a way to generate this MasterCalendar for the Date I want. (I know how to generate a Calendar!)