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    Allowing range of data based on user in Qlik Sense web integration.

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      I am currently in charge of developing an online platform used to show general data to some clients.


      I have been playing with Qlik Sense Desktop for a few days now and Qlik Sense Platform (Server) seems to be the right choice since you can easily embed items (of an application) in a website.


      The idea is to have one big Qlik Sense application and restrict the shown data based on the user (client) accessing the website.

      An example would be: if UserID = 1, then restrict data to 2010-2012, else if UserID = 2, then restrict data to 2013-2014 and so on...


      Do you know whether this kind of permission system would be achievable and how hard would it be?


      If you need more information, don't hesitate to ask as I tend to forgot important information.

      Thanks in advance for any answer!

      PS : I hope this post fits the "New to Qlik Sense" category.