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    Demo: howto

    fabio Mazzarelli

      hi Community,

      I wish to know if it is possible to download the demo projects.

      Copy / paste is easier than doing the project from a blank sheet


      Fabio M.

        • Re: Demo: howto

          Hi Fabio,


          The process is reasonably straight forward:

          1. Register for a free Qlik Cloud account at www.qlikcloud.com

          2. Select Demo Apps (left hand side)

          3. Right click on the app you like and select Duplicate

          4. Confirm the duplication (the app is then added to your Personal Apps collection)

          5. Select My Personal Cloud (left hand side)

          6. Right click on the duplicated app and select download


          Ideally you want to download the app to the \qlik\sense\apps folder under My Documents however you can also drag the downloaded file onto the Qlik Sense window to open it.


          Hope this helps.